Irish Dancers

About this Role

Busch Gardens Williamsburg seeks superior-skilled Irish Dancers to showcase their talent in our extraordinary production, Celtic Fyre.  

  • Must be of Open Championship level, preferably World Qualifier or equivalent standard.
  • Previous show experience and/or a background in performing arts are highly sought.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

Starting Hourly Pay Rate:  $25.25


How to Apply 

  1. Please complete the online employment application at
  2. Please email the materials below to [email protected]
  • Please provide a full length photo and head shot.
  • Resume Information:
    • Name, address, phone and email addresses.
    • Height
    • Schools attended, including Irish dance schools.
    • Summary of most notable competition achievements. 
    • List of show experience
  • Provide a YouTube video link, or submit a DVD to include:
    • Hard shoe - Jig and/or Hornpipe - at least 32 bars   (Two steps, right and left). No more than 48 bars required.
    • Soft shoe - Reel for boys & Reel and/or Slip Jig for girls, 32 bars is adequate.
    • A short a cappella piece and/or a Treble Reel - Two steps, right and left.
    • If applicable, please include a clip of your professional Irish dance show performances.
    • We must be able to see the full body of the dancers in the recording at all times.
    • DVDs and photos will not be returned.

Upcoming Auditions

There are no auditions scheduled at this time. Please check back soon for future postings!;