Stilt Walkers

About this Role

SeaWorld San Antonio is seeking performers to engage our guests and make their experiences more memorable, while wearing elaborate costumes and make up, and taking their skills to new heights.  Stilt walkers should perform with animated stage presence and have solid improvisational skills.  

  • A variety of employment periods are available:
    • Halloween (September - October) 
    • Christmas (October - December)
  • Stilt experience is not required.
  • A background in gymnastics is helpful.
  • Experience on drywall or jumping stilts is a plus.
  • Day & evening shifts are available, depending on park operating hours and performance schedules.
  • You must be at least 18 years old at the time of the audition.

Starting Hourly Pay Rate: $10.51 

Prepare for the Audition

  • You will be asked to demonstrate your moving ability on the ground.
  • It is not necessary to bring stilts to the audition.
  • Please wear form fitting athletic attire that allows a full range of movement.
  • Prepare a resume and headshot, which will be retained by the audition team.

Upcoming Auditions

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